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It's so pretty! But a shame about being too cold for Hanami... I'm glad you've been able to post more frequently lately, I really love reading your blogs!!


Absolutely beautiful! I hope to see it in person some time.

I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your efforts.

Alan from Makiki


What amazing pictures! I was there last year in Kyoto and Kamakura for the sakura and it was too beautiful for words.


It still looks pretty

Lauren Dunn

wonderful...u r so blessed


These are amazing pictures --- I absolutely adore cherry blossom trees!


Pretty surprised to see pictures of the sakura trees from my university in here.. O.o!



Do the white-blossomed trees bloom before the pink-blossomed ones? Because the only trees flowering here at the moment look just like the ones in your photos, but I didn't think cherries would be blossoming so early. Anyway, gorgeous as usual (and I hope those kids didn't catch the turtles).


Thanks for the comments folks!

Aspasia, probably what you are seeing is ume (prunus mume, often called Japanese or Chinese plum or Japanese apricot). Both sakura and ume come in white, pink and everything in between, and each have so many varieties that it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. In general sakura bloom more profusely than ume, have very little to no fragrance, and have longer petals with notches that make them look heart-shaped. Ume are often fragrant and have round petals. They also tend to be hardier than sakura so are more suited to Toronto weather.

Don't worry, the turtles were way smarter than the boys.

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